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Kids Are Weird

May 20, 2009

For some reason, every once awhile, a woman shows up at my workplace and brings her two small children (aged 4 and 3) and as she does her business here, her children decide to come hang out with me. The 4 year old girl, Bella, does a lot of the talking while the 3 year old brother does a lot of the drooling. Bella says some strange things:

Bella: (pointing at a picture of Paris Hilton on the screen) “Is she your BEST FRIEND!?”

Bella: (pointing at a picture of MLK Jr.) “Are you going to marry him?”
Me: “Nope.”
Bella: “Is it because he has a beard?”
Me: “…Yes.”

Bella: “Why do you have SO MANY bumps on your face?!”

Bella: “That girl has big lips. I bet she got stung by BEES.”

Bella: “Who is that?”  (Pointing to a picture of my boyfriend and his 3 brothers)
Me:  “That’s Jason, and his brothers.”
Bella: “I bet you’ll marry all of them.”

Me: “Can you write your name?”
Bella: “You can write my name.” (Proceeds to scribble on chair, for no reason)

Bella: “Where are the men?”
Me: “One’s in Italy right now.”
Bella: “What’s Italy?”
Me: “A country in a different part of the world.”
Bella: “GROSS.”

Oh, to be young.

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