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CBS Is Shit.

January 27, 2010

Seriously, football is great. It’s fun to watch, brings people together to celebrate, and inspires so many youths to be active in sports. But you know what kind of sucks? The Superbowl advertising clusterfuck.

We all know a good amount of people watch the Superbowl for the commercials, so its gotten to a point where CBS is very, very picky about what they will air during those expensive time slots. You think they would choose commercials based on likability, public appeal, and of course price…but apparently they chose whichever ones fit their views.

CBS has approved an anti-abortion ad featuring Florida quarterback Tim Tebow and his mom, all about how if she hadn’t taken the doctor’s advice to abort when she was in danger of losing her life and child, she would have never had Tim. But wait, let’s look at some that they rejected before allowing this one…

2009, PETA’s ‘Veggie Love’ ad was rejected. Featuring women in lingerie (nothing more revealing than what we see on CBS anyway) eating vegetables, the commercial was deemed too sexual by CBS. Apparently anything sexual is terrible and totally inappropriate for TV watchers to see, but an ad about fucking ABORTION is totally appropriate and exactly what everyone wants to see at half time.

In 2004, CBS rejected an ad by the United Church of Christ that illustrated their welcoming stance towards gays who had been rejected from other churches. After receiving criticism, CBS pulled the bullshit card of ‘restrictions on advocacy ads’.

Again in 2009, CBS rejected a commercial from which sported a pro gay marriage message.

In 2004,’s ad featuring a series of children working manufacturer’s jobs and the message “Guess who’s going to be paying off Bush’s 1 trillion dollar deficit?” was banned, again, by CBS (no reason given, though public speculated that CBS feared it would cause controversy).

So why suddenly is this advocacy ad about abortion allowed in? I hate to say it, but probably because CBS is filled with conservative pricks. They KNOW that what information is released during superbowls are talked about for weeks after (or months, if you’re Janet Jackson’s boob) and if they personally don’t want 15-year-old girls knowing that abortion is okay, that gay marriage is okay, that sexy vegetables are okay, then they won’t let them know.

Let me get one thing straight: I think the Tim Tebow ad has every right to be shown, just like all the other banned commercials. It’s their freedom of speech (and huge paycheck) that allows them to advocate what they believe in, and that’s fine. But what is not okay is that CBS picks and chooses what’s okay by their views. There is no other excuse for letting THIS ad in and no others.

CBS is now claiming that they’ve magically done away with the no advocacy ads rule (they only announced this after numerous women’s rights groups created an uproar). The maker’s behind the commercial released this dumb-as-fuck statement: “There’s nothing political or controversial about it.” Yes, because abortion is the least controversial and political thing there is. Are you kidding me?

So fuck you CBS. Fuck you and your conservative values that you dribble onto society, and your forced views you shove down America’s throats during a time when people just want to eat chips, drink beer, and watch men in tight pants run around. Grow a fucking pair and either allow ALL advocacy ads that meet the standards of viewing regardless of the message it sends, or don’t show any at all and let us watch the damn game.

UPDATE: CBS has rejected yet another pro-gay commercial from gay dating website Wow, is anyone else SO fucking surprised they aren’t holding up their new ‘we’ll accept them now’ statement? Hypocrites.

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