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School Tells Moms What To Wear

February 6, 2010

A school in the UK has issued a letter to mothers about the way they dress. Because you know, it’s their business.

The principal, Joe McGuinness after seeing ‘up to 50 mothers a day dropping off their children wearing pajamas and slippers’ issued a letter to the parents. In it, he called their attire choices “slovenly and rude” and said, “While it is not my position to insist on what people wear, or don’t, I feel that arriving at the school in pyjamas is disrespectful to the school and a bad example to set to children.”

Great Mr. Principal, thanks for letting us know about your opinion that no one gives cares about. Yes, many people find it disrespectful and ‘unacceptable’ to wear pajamas (or even sweatpants) out in public, and that’s fine. We all have our own opinions of fashion do’s and don’ts. But sending out a letter that basically says, “I am judging you by your fashion, so stop wearing that” is really, really not okay.

A teacher at the school brought up the genius point of, “‘I wonder what those slobs in pyjamas would say if they were to enter the classroom only to find their children’s teachers there, dressed in their pyjamas.”

The difference is the teacher is at school, doing their JOB, where there is a DRESS CODE. There isn’t a dress code for dropping your kid off at school, there isn’t a dress code for the side walk, these mothers aren’t being paid to drop their kids off.

Does the school want to uphold a standard of how they appear? Do they want to set an example of how children should take care of themselves? Yes, of course. But it is none of their business what these women wear. NONE. It’s their children, their lives, and this principal clearly has NO IDEA what an average day is like for a mother.

My mother took my brother and I to school every day until I graduated high school (and still takes my brother). So at night she went bed as early as she possibly could (working all day, and then coming home to work her online jobs), and got maybe 6-7 of hours of sleep maximum (providing that she didn’t have to wake because one of her children was sick, which was often). Then she’d have to wake up at 6am, and spend two hours helping her autistic son get ready for the day (which is a feat every time, let me tell you). After that, she’d drive me to my school, and then my brother to his, waiting to make sure he got to his first class. After that she’d head home to work all day and repeat the process again.

You can bet she didn’t give care what some school principal saw her wearing. Yes, she managed to brush her hair and teeth and put on some shoes between making breakfast, packing lunches, and hurrying us along, but frankly it wasn’t worth it to put on jeans every single day just to sit in her car and then come back home only to change again. Do my brother and I wear pajamas to school? No. Do I dress up for job interviews and other important, public things? Yes, of course. Did her wearing pajamas ever affect our lives in any way? Absolutely not.

So dear Mr. McGuinness, I have a letter of advisement for you!

Stop being a inconsiderate dick and keep your nose out of other people’s closets. It is absolutely none of your business what these women wear.You want to uphold a standard for your school? Then do it yourself, with the staff that you pay. You want these women to dress nicer? Then come to their houses in the mornings and get their kids ready for school, we’ll see how much extra time you have then to make yourself look oh-so-pretty for the men waiting at the school gates!

Maybe you can ask them to dress nicer when you let them address the important, real issues going on with your school and educational system.  Maybe you should get that stick out of your ass and realize you’re a judgmental prick who has no right to issue a letter about mother’s fashion.


Dr. Sangfroid.

This is just another sad instance of  people judging other people. It’s unnecessary negativity, and I encourage everyone reading this to take a moment and rid themselves of it.  Stop judging people! Be respectful! Spread a little love!

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  1. February 6, 2010 9:37 pm

    Wow. Some people amaze me at how they think everything is their business. Imagine what high horse he thinks he’s on.

    Loving your blog, as always :)

  2. Le Templar permalink
    February 9, 2010 5:11 am

    I have to admit, at first I thought you might be overreacting to the news story about what the principle did. But your personal example really carried the message home and made me understand why this issue touched you in the way that it did. I wonder if you could have supplemented this with a few statistics about how many mothers work and also are responsible for getting the kids to school. Someone must have researched that topic at some point. Anyway, I liked how you made your opinion relevant and poignant for anyone who reads this.

    Le Templar
    PVCC Puma Press blogs adviser

    • Tegan McRae permalink*
      February 9, 2010 8:05 pm

      Thanks Le, I tried to avoid a full-on rant.

      I looked up statistics but only found US ones, and this was a school in the UK that wasn’t listed as public or private, so I couldn’t delve too far into anything having to do with what social class these people were in, were they paying the school, etc. Though I would have liked to.


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