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30 Things: Hey, It’s Okay!

April 10, 2010

30 things that are a-okay…

1. Using “you’re only young once” as an excuse to go out on a Wednesday.

2. Not wanting to tell your parents who you voted for.

3. Ordering a third drink just because the bartender is cute.

4. Calling a friend out when they’re lieing to you.

5. Immediately de-friending your BFF’s ex-boyfriend as soon as they break up because you never liked him anyway.

6. Not wanting to expand your musical tastes outside of Lady GaGa.

7. Staying home on a Friday night to marathon-watch Sex and the City.

8. To think “I’m waaay prettier than her” when you see your boyfriend’s ex.

9. Staying up until sunrise just because.

10. Saying no to a restaurant because it’s too expensive.

11. Thinking someone is cute, even though they’re a giant ass.

12. De-tagging photos of yourself on Facebook that you look like crap in.

13. Saying no to a second date because he left a horrible tip.

14. Admitting that your only consistent news source is John Stewart’s “The Daily Show”.

15. Having zero interest in Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter because hey, who needs the extra distractions?

16. Totally loving Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter for all the extra distractions.

17. Laying around and accomplishing nothing on your day off.

18. Cutting out of the gym 30 minutes early because damnit, you’re tired.

19. To never want to have children.

20.To look back on silly, drunken teenage years with giggles instead of shame.

21. Wearing the same outfit Friday and Saturday night because you’re seeing different friends.

22. Wearing Uggs and forgetting the haters.

23.  Pretending to text when you walk by someone you vaguely know and don’t want to talk to.

24. Eating pizza 3 nights in a row because you’re overworked.

25. Putting your hands in the air when Beyonce’s ‘Single Ladies’ comes on despite not being single.

26. Occasionally indulging in one of the seven sins. Lust, gluttony, sloth!

27. Only buying magazines for the pretty pictures.

28. Thinking that MAC make-up isn’t worth that much money.

29. Not getting cable television, or a television at all.

30. Doing things that make you happy and harm no one, regardless that anyone else thinks its lame.

[Note: the “Hey, it’s OK!” section in Glamour magazine is my favourite thing ever, so here’s a sweet lil tribute.]

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  1. Lisa Racz permalink
    April 12, 2010 5:09 am

    I love it!!! I laughed all the way through and a few of these things I definately do like the sloth bit on a chosen day and the pretend texting when I don’t want to talk to someone. Ha Ha Ha! Great writing subject.

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