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Top 5 Tuesday: Deal Breakers

April 13, 2010

Welcome to Top 5 Tuesday, where Dr. Sangfroid lets you all know about 5 cool(?) things.

This week’s top 5: Dating Deal Breakers!

"That's a deal-breaker, ladies!" Thanks Liz Lemon.

1. You post pictures of your penis on Craigslist.
You physically took your camera, pointed it at your crotch, uploaded it to your computer, and posted it on the internet, and did not get paid for it. What?

2. You’re hitting on me and my friend awkwardly, trying to subtly initiate a threesome.
Come on. We’re drunk, not stupid. Adding, ‘and then you guys can make out!’ to the end of every sentence will not entice us.

3. You do ‘magic tricks’ for me.
No I will not go on a second date with you if you guess my card. All your magic can do is make me disappear.

4. You have to interrupt our date to make a sale.
A sale of cocaine to some homeless people behind the Applebees.

5. You carry a roast beef sandwich in your pocket.
True story.


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