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Link Love

May 15, 2010

A roundup of funny, interesting, weird, thoughtful, and informative links from Dr. Sangfroid.

  • Sectional Sofas – Do you ever get totally into looking at furniture for a house you don’t own? No? Just me? Okay.
  • Alien Invasion – A collection of images by Dmitry Maximov of aliens invading Earth.
  • Polish Woman Dies Because She’s Pregnant – and the doctor refuses to operate on her because he was afraid to hurt the baby…which led to both the woman and consequently, her baby dieing. Way to go, “conscience clause”.
  • Cherry Culture Sells Near-Expired Make Up – Okay, I can’t confirm this and it is a year old, but I’ve heard a lot of bad reviews of Mostly slow shipping, bad CS, and cracked make up which I can live with..but the near-expired make up is just gross and I don’t think I’ll be shopping there anymore. Ladies, please check your makeup’s expiration dates!

STDs in America
Via: Online Schools. Click to learn!


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