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Arizona Prop 100

May 18, 2010

Dear Arizonans,

Today is voting day for Prop 100, which if you’ve ventured into the sun at all in the last month, is a hot item. Let’s get the basics:

  • Prop 100 proposed by the AZ legislature, if passed will raise the sales tax by 1% (1 cent per dollar).
  • This tax will remain in place until May 13th, 2013.
  • It was proposed as a solution to help AZ get out of its massive debt.
  • Two-Thirds of the revenue generated from the tax increase would go to k-12 education, and the rest to health services and public safety.

Voters are asked to shoulder the extra 1 cent per 1 dollar tax in order to help the state pay for elementary education, human services, and public safety. In return, they will get more money put into the services they use. What are the pros and cons being said about this?


  • The passing of the bill is likely to save about 13,000 jobs, mostly in the education field. [source]
  • The money is automatically funneled into the education and safety system, and will not be going to big corporations, politicians, or out-of-state businesses.
  • The money is recycled straight back into Arizona.
  • The largest groups fighting for this bill are those who support the jobs it will fund: police officers, educators, those people who bring Meals on Wheels to others, etc.


  • Well first off, its more money you’re paying, which kind of sucks.
  • Some believe the higher tax will make tourists less inclined to visit AZ, even more so when the rest of the world seems to hate us for SB1070.
  • Opponents believe the money will definitely not all go to schools and public safety, and some will be funneled out to pay for other things.
  • Because a 2/3rd legislature vote could keep the tax in place past May 13th, 2013, it is possible the tax could go on longer than voted for.

These are just the basics, and unfortunately it would take  a lot longer to write out all the pro’s and con’s of each side. I just want to advise the readers that I see the pro’s and con’s of BOTH sides and do not intend to sway anyone either way. If you’re still on the fence, please research the prop more before voting.

I asked on FB what my fellow-Arizonans were voting, and here’s the responses:

“Yes because my life as a citizen of Arizona will be doomed if this doesn’t pass. It means no libraries, no school, crappy roads, etc.” – Catie

“over all, state and federal governments need to learn how to budget and stop taxing the population for their crummy spending.” -Myshell

“I’m voting yes because I don’t want to give this trainwreck of a state government an excuse to cut my sister’s job as a special education teacher.” -Nick

“Yes, it will fund my future job.” -Anthony


So go out and VOTE today Arizona! Polls are open until 7pm. Find a voting place near you here or if you’re on the go, call this number: 602-261-VOTE (8683)

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  1. njking permalink
    May 20, 2010 4:32 am

    Dear TM, This proposition sounds like a short tem solution to a long term problem. Therefore I pose the question– will a gauntlet of short term solutions allegedlly solve this states budget deficit woes or only enhance them. Pleasing the masses without a true sense of vision or mission is what we have become, abiding to those with deepest pocketbooks. Since the sales tax was propsed at the begining of last year, what other solutions has this office proposed past the most simplistic cop-out of the one-cent sales tax increase. Nothing. To quote the first person I interviewed. “Here’s a thought” reformation of one of the nations most bombastic and complicated property taxations. Hence the reason that Phoenix remains a small business major city, while Texas and New Mexico profit from Arizona’s loss. But then again using common sense is failed trait underweighed by the mass of those who would profit for the value of entertainment.–NJK


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