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Minnesota Bans Ladie’s Nights

June 13, 2010

Okay, so they didn’t ban Ladie’s Nights, but they did ban the best part: cheap drinks for having a vagina.

The state of Minnesota has charged 5 bars with gender discrimination, calling their practice of offering cheaper drinks to women a blatant act of sexist discrimination.

And, well…it is. Giving cheaper service based on gender is discrimination against the other gender.

But these are private businesses, who have the right to refuse and regulate service based on how they want. Why does the government feel the need to involve themselves? The government is explicitly interfering with the bar’s ability to make money.

Of course, if they were only giving certain ethnicities cheaper drinks, many would be demanding the government intervene. If we give complete freedom for people to discriminate however they want, are we really living in a free country?

More food for thought: Why is it not okay to give preference because of gender, but age discrimination is allowed? Movie tickets, fairs, exhibits, museums, you name it, all offer a variety of discounts based on age. Why draw the line at gender?

What do you think readers? Is the government right to step in and regulate private-business practices in order to keep it fair and balanced? Or is this a case of selective law-enforcement?

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  1. June 14, 2010 6:18 am

    Based purely from the perspective of a border line alcoholic, I am pissed that cheap drinks are banned for the ladies. Fuck Minnesota. I had no plans of ever going there, but they have been officially solidified.

    In theory I know it’s fair, but I don’t want fair, damn it. I want intoxication at a cheap rate so I can tolerate all the creeps sleazin’ up to me. Maybe if we lived in a society where women were valued and respected we wouldn’t need to be shit wrecked to tolerate it. (Yeah, that was a stretch. Eff off).

    And to go with your example, age will never, ever lose it’s benefits. The AARP is the most powerful private interest group in Washington.

    Name one powerful women’s interest group.

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